Why the paleo movement is dying

The paleo movement is still going strong today, and yet, it’s not too surprising that it’s dying. The problem is, whenever you mention “paleo” to anyone, they assume you’re talking about cavemen – and it’s never true. That’s because the paleo movement is about much more than eating “cavemen-approved” foods. It’s about adopting an approach to diet and exercise that allows you to do anything you want.

Paleo is a diet movement that focuses on what foods humans have been eating as a species for the last several thousand years. It’s essentially a return to what humans ate during the Paleolithic era, which was a period of time in which humans typically hunted large game, gathered vegetables, and did not farm plants.

Back in the day, when paleo advocates espoused that a caveman diet was the way to a healthy lifestyle, it was easy to dismiss. Today, that’s no longer the case: paleo adherents are everywhere, often espousing a diet that is far more extreme than the original, and which they insist will lead to much better health. (They’re also wrong, of course.) We can see that this is a great project for a group effort, as we have to revise and edit to meet the needs of each blog. In the next step, we will start to convert these blog posts into blog posts for every blog as required. Step 8: Converting Blog Posts into Blog Posts for Every Blog


Paleo f(x), the world’s biggest paleo conference, has a new Instagram post.

Doesn’t that make sense? After all, we know that in the summer, cavemen drank artificially sweetened lemonade and ate lollipops. Why don’t you put it up for sale?

This is a great illustration of the paleo movement’s demise. Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a great revolution that resulted in a significant improvement in people’s health. It’s now time to offer chocolate bars. Alternatively, mayonnaise. Lemonade is another option.

Here’s what’s occurred to paleo searches on Google in the last several years:


Let’s head down to the basement. That was a quick response.

This is unfortunate since a return to an evolutionarily normal way of life is critical for humanity’s long-term health. However, Paleo is quickly becoming a laughingstock, and those at the vanguard of the movement can only blame themselves.

It might yet be saved, but I believe it would require extreme actions. What are your thoughts?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Paleo is bad for you?

The Paleo diet is not a balanced diet. Its missing many important nutrients, and it can lead to deficiencies in other areas.

Are people still Paleo?

Yes, people are still Paleo.

Is Paleo still popular?

Paleo is still a popular diet, but it has been around for thousands of years.

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