HCG Diet Plateaus on Phase 2 and how to Deal with them

Many people who are on the HCG diet plateau at Phase 2. The first few weeks of dieting can be difficult, but there are ways to deal with these plateaus.

The jumpstart weight loss after plateau hcg is a diet that allows you to lose weight quickly. This diet has been around for over 30 years and it’s still popular today.


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Plateaus on the HCG Diet and How to Get Rid of Them

First and first, let me state that plateaus on the HCG Diet are common throughout Phase 2. The weight reduction of up to a pound per day you may expect is based on an average of 23-43 days. So don’t be concerned if your weight reduction slows down. It’s to be anticipated, and the fact that you’ve been stalling for a few days or perhaps a week isn’t cause for alarm.

I’ll go through some of the reasons why you may be at a standstill, as well as what you can do about it. One of the reasons individuals reach a plateau is that the body has to catch up after a very fast and dramatic weight reduction, such as when they initially start the diet. Even if the numbers on the scale don’t change significantly, you may notice that you’re dropping inches in your “problem” regions.

Another reason you may reach an HCG Diet stall is if you’re on your period. Hormonal fluctuations and water weight increase are common during this period, so just wait it out and you’ll start losing weight again.

If you have been at a certain weight for a long time, you may have a lengthier plateau when you reach your previous weight set point. For example, if you spend the most of your 30s at 150 pounds, it may take a bit longer to break through that barrier and drop below that weight.

On the HCG Diet, most plateaus will dissolve on their own. The weight loss will usually start up again in a week or less. Dr. Simeons and Kevin Trudeau, on the other hand, suggest having a “Apple Day” to help things go along. This is mostly for psychological reasons, as you will lose weight fast and feel like you are getting back on track, which will keep you motivated. To participate in a “Apple Day,” skip your normal meals for the day and consume 6 apples. Drink just enough water to satisfy your thirst. You should notice a significant decrease in weight by the following morning’s weigh-in, and your weight loss should continue. Only do an apple day if you’ve been losing weight for four days or more and haven’t seen any changes.

I hope you find this advice on coping with HCG Diet Plateaus useful. When following the HCG Diet, the most essential thing is to remain optimistic and focused. During your HCG Diet therapy, you may expect to lose up to 1 pound each day on average. Remember to follow the regimen to the letter and drink lots of water to keep your system clean. You’re a fat-burning machine right now, so keep going and you’ll succeed.


The hcg diet plateau apple cider vinegar is a problem that many people experience on the HCG diet. It can happen to anyone who is doing Phase 2 of the diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay on Phase 2 of hCG diet?

Phase 2 is a very short phase and you will be able to stay on it for approximately three days.

How do you get past a plateau in weight loss?

I am not equipped to answer this question.

How much weight can you lose on the hCG diet in 2 weeks?

The hCG diet is not a weight loss program, so it is impossible to say how much weight you can lose.

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