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My name is Katey, and I started Weight Watchers in 2009. At the time, I was an atypical member of the weight loss community. I had a lot of weight to lose—well, actually, 100 pounds. And I was not looking to lose weight; I was trying to stop gaining weight. And the diet and exercise worked, but I was looking for a way to make it easier for myself. I was tired of following a diet plan that was not something I liked. And I wanted a coaching team that would be with me each and every day.

Katey was overweight and struggled with her weight for years. In 2011, while she was still working full time, her doctor recommended she lose a few pounds. She joined a gym and started working out, but she still wasn’t losing any weight. She joined her local Weight Watchers meeting and joined their online community. She paid attention to her food intake and learned how to be more mindful of her food choices. She learned some simple yet powerful exercise moves that she began to practice. She soon began to see results and her weight loss continued. In 2013, she lost her last 100 pounds and is now living a healthy lifestyle.

Once upon a time, a friend of mine was so huge that she struggled to walk or even stand. She quickly lost over 100 pounds after joining my online coaching group and following a very specific diet and exercise routine, and she did it all with the help of a group of fellow fat-loss supporters who became her accountability buddies. This blog post is a work-in-progress written for another online coaching group where Katey is the founder and leader. In order to keep all our members accountable, we are going to share our process and progress, as well as the weekly challenges that we face.. Read more about weight loss success stories 2021 and let us know what you think.

Katey had done everything to lose weight, but all of the books, diets, and injections had left her with a lighter wallet – $20,000 in weight-loss material and programs.

It felt hopeless, like if she’d remain overweight and unhappy for the rest of her life. But something seemed different when she joined up for Coaching. Something didn’t feel right.

Katey revealed the physique she had always dreamt of having a year later, after dropping over 100 pounds and earning the $10,000 Grand Prize.

Her friends, the mothers at her daughter’s school, and even her doctor couldn’t believe how much she had changed. They assumed you’d had surgery. You must have followed a bizarre diet.

She responded, “Nope.” I tried to live a healthy lifestyle. And I had faith in myself.

She adds, “But the most important thing is that I didn’t wait for things to change.” “I made the decision to make it happen. “Coaching was my response.”

The Transformation of Katey

I lost 116 pounds and 21% of my body fat!


  • 36 years old
  • 116 pound weight loss (from 255 lbs to 139 lbs)
  • Body Fat Percentage Lost: 21% (from 39 percent to 18 percent )
  • 65 inches were lost in all (from 260 inches to 195 inches)

Katey Caswell despised being forced to sit.

Her 55-inch hips didn’t fit in normal seats, so she sat in a child’s seat, looking like a giant. Her butt hung over the ends of foldable chairs, auditorium seats, restaurant chairs, and a whole lot of other awful chairs, so she avoided them whenever she could and preferred to stand instead.

However, there were occasions when she had to sit down, in locations where standing was frowned upon. The worst were aircraft. She’d board her aircraft and go down the aisle, seeing the expression of dread on the faces of passengers who were already seated and staring at her as if to say, “Oh, please, not here, please do not sit here.”

She’d locate her seat, smile, say Excuse me, and sit down, attempting to minimize her 255 pounds by putting the armrest down and creating at least one barrier between herself and the person next to her. But her body disliked boundaries and wanted to get past them, so it would flow under the armrest and onto the next seat, invading someone else’s privacy and making her feel self-conscious for the duration of the trip.

And now here we are, her and I, talking about the last year, about how she has dropped over 100 pounds, and she clearly does not find the whole sitting thing amusing.

“Can you tell me why you’re smiling?” she enquires “What the hell is going on?”

I’m laughing because Katey is now sitting in a high-backed chair at her office, wrapped in a tiny cocoon, her feet tucked into the chair, embracing her legs and resting her head on her knees, appearing like a young girl in an adult chair.

It’s a full 180-degree turn.

She’s now laughing. “At the very least, I fit.”

And it’s correct. She is a great match for the position. But only for a short time. Because she prefers to move her body rather than sit. It’s something she hasn’t been successful at in decades.

Katey wasn’t always that famous. She was on her way to becoming a model. She sneered and began to eat more when the agency informed her she needed to lose 8 pounds, falling from 118 to 110 pounds.

She weighed 118 pounds when she started college and 140 pounds when she graduated. The remainder of her college years were spent on a see-saw as she gained and lost 20 pounds, with her nights interrupted by frequent trips to the convenience shop for nachos.

Life carried on as usual. She excelled in school, gained friends, and received her diploma. She found and married a wonderful man after graduation. She weighed 155 pounds during her wedding.

A few years passed. She was diagnosed with Graves disease, an autoimmune condition that causes an overactive thyroid gland, and she managed it as best she could with the assistance of medication. She became pregnant twice and had to stop taking the medicine both times. “Of course, you can’t remain pregnant when you have a thyroid problem like that,” she adds. Sadly, she lost both of her children.

She had her thyroid ablated after visiting an endocrinologist and ingested radioactive iodine that tasted like metal to destroy it. She had two healthy pregnancies a few years later and gave birth to two lovely daughters a few years apart.

Those trying years, however, took their toll on her physically.

Katey weighed more than 220 pounds in 2000, after going through hell and back. That’s when she began purchasing additional diet books and eating microwave meals that were pre-packaged.

She tried Jenny Craig and medical fasts that were low in protein. She experimented with Atkins, Zone, and Suzanne Somers diets. The Biggest Loser is a reality show that airs on NBC. It’s all about the body. Richard Simmons is a well-known actor. She even tried injecting pregnant horse urine.

She’d drop 50 pounds in a flash, regain it, then open her wallet and pay another cheque in the hopes of making the fat disappear.

“In my lifetime, I’ve spent at least $20,000 on fat-loss information.”

When she was 255 pounds in early 2010, her doctor recommended the hCG diet, a controversial regimen that includes severe calorie restriction and costly injections.

Katey looked it up on the internet. Although it seemed to be excessive, many claimed to have lost weight. Despite this, she discovered that most individuals who followed calorie-restricted diets such as hCG gained weight back very quickly after quitting.

She tried calling the clinic’s office but was unable to reach anybody who could answer her queries. She began to have reservations.

She adds, “I saw it as a message that I shouldn’t do it.”

Instead, she put the phone down and returned to Google. That’s when she decided to enroll in Coaching, an online coaching program.


Before beginning the LE program, Katey poses with her children.

Things aren’t going well so far.

The first week of Coaching has arrived. Katey is going around the gym with her water bottle and exercise schedule, attempting to keep out of the path of the fit individuals. Even if no one is looking, she is aware that they are judging her. She believes it is self-evident that she does not belong here. This is just absurd.

She sees a ray of light — a trainer! — and goes over to seek some help with her program. She needs to know how to perform the exercises; she viewed the videos online before going to the gym, but she wants to double-check that she’s doing them correctly. The trainer is watching her approach, his arms bursting out of his shirt sleeves.

Katey demonstrates the software to him. He just gives it a passing look. Instead, he launches into his monologue. He says, “You need to join up with me.” “I can assist you.”

She says that she already has a program that she believes in. All she needs is someone to keep an eye on her form.

The trainer is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly He begins to discuss his fees and how often she should visit him.

Katey smiles and thanks him before turning around and walking away. Rather of walking to the weight room floor on her own, she walks out the front door and into her vehicle. She’s had enough with it. She’s not meant to slim down. She isn’t deserving of it.

Every day in Coaching, you’ll study a daily lesson and practice a daily habit.

You click a button and a green check mark shows on your screen if you fulfill the habit and read the lesson. If you don’t finish the habit, you’ll see a red “X” instead.

Katey’s screen is littered with red Xs.

She’s been logging in and reading the lessons since she came home from the gym on the first day, but she hasn’t done anything with them. She hasn’t practiced any healthful habits.

Why should she, after all? She needs to shed more than 100 pounds. It overwhelms her to the point of inactivity when she thinks about it.

She adds, “I gave up on myself at that point.” “I was in a bad mood and couldn’t seem to make it work. I really wanted to accomplish it, but I couldn’t find the motivation.”

The months pass by. January, February, and March are the first three months of the year. Ninety days, ninety red Xs.

Then, towards the end of March, one lone green check mark appears. Katey highlights and saves a section of the lesson on her computer:

You can’t concentrate on weight reduction since it’s beyond your control. The PROCESS is something you CAN control. It’s up to you. And accumulating enough excellent ones over time will bring you to your objectives. Work hard and stick to the good habits; the rest will fall into place.

She adds, “I went back and read it a half-dozen times.”

“It was such a big key to… everything,” says the narrator. It was something I’d overlooked before. It was at that point that I switched my attention from what I wanted to happen to the next step.”

Katey set her alarm for the next morning late that night. She slept for eight hours and awoke early. In the morning, she drank a glass of water and took her fish oil and multivitamin. She went to the gym on her own and completed her workout.

She’d found her stride.

“I felt disoriented for a bit… However, in the past month, I reevaluated several of my priorities. Making this adjustment should have been front of mind the whole time, but it wasn’t. Now I’m putting in a lot of work to finish it and maintain it there.”

— Katey, in a letter to her coach

The months have flown by. The weight is coming off fast, and each day offers new optimism.

Rise and shine at 5 a.m. Make a nutritious breakfast and then go to the gym. Return home and prepare breakfast for the family. Shower. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Take the kids to school in your car.

Prepare chicken and lean beef on the grill. Consume veggies. Drink plenty of water.

Read the lesson by going to the Coaching site. A green check mark appears when you click a button.

Dinner with the family is a great way to spend time together. Get to bed as soon as possible. Sleep as though you’re a baby. Do it once more.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes


After a year of coaching, Katey poses with her children.

Katey has achieved her objective on December 18th, 9 months after receiving just one green check mark.

She has successfully finished the Coaching program. Her compliance has been outstanding from the first green check mark. She’s also dropped 100 pounds in the process.

Her family is in disbelief. “That’s not really you,” they remark, pointing to pictures of her. You’ve never been that big.” That’s how lovely they are.

Her friends, the mothers at her daughter’s school, and even her doctor are stunned. They assume you’ve undergone surgery. You must have followed a bizarre diet.

She responds with a resounding no. I tried to live a healthy lifestyle. And I had faith in myself.

Katey’s Coaching habits had become as much a part of her as her fingers and toes. Making good diet and exercise choices is no longer a process; it has become second nature.

She adds, “It seems a lot more like life.” “Losing weight was in the forefront of my thoughts while I was in the thick of it. Everything has become a habit now.”

The greatest thing is that Katey is unconcerned about returning.

“There will be no rebound,” she predicts. “Hello, this is me. This is a long-term solution. I don’t think I’ll ever be fat again.”

Katey seems to be more relaxed, which she credits to her early morning meditation, which she began midway through the program to help her become more conscious.

She’s also developed into a fantastic self-coach. The negative thoughts that used to consume her head — thoughts that drove her to skip the gym and return to her vehicle that first week — have been replaced.

Perhaps most revealing is a letter she sent to herself towards the conclusion of the show:

“You’ve got this,” says the narrator. In the past four months, you’ve made incredible progress. The key is to be persistent in your efforts to eat healthily and exercise your body. And, of course, maintaining the proper mindset. Making any kind of good change requires a positive attitude.”

But the question remains unanswered: what was the actual key to her shedding so much weight?

Coaching’s everyday routines and good coaching? Maybe. But it was the knowledge that she was in charge that was most significant. All she had to do was take one little step each day, the next good step.

Sitting in the same spot does nothing. Small actions, taken over time, add up to a significant amount of progress.

She adds, “You can’t wait until everything is perfect to start living.”

Katey has waited in the past. For beautiful children, a healthy physique, and a happy life. But no more, no more, no more, no more, no more, no more, no more Katey had had enough of waiting. She goes out and achieves her goal.

Katey Caswell is becoming impatient as she sits here with her head on her knees and her legs wrapped up in her arms. It’s time to get up and move.

She’s got a lot on her plate.


Katey is on the phone with Coach Krista on June 8th. Katey believes she is just catching up with her coach, who is allegedly phoning from Canada. She has no idea that she is in for the shock of her life.


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Katey was given a goal of losing 100lbs. She has lost 100lbs. Katey would like to encourage other people to achieve their goals as well, so she started this blog to share her experience of weight loss.. Read more about what happens to your body when you lose 100 pounds and let us know what you think.

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