Keto For Normies Podcast

This podcast is just me struggling through my journey into ketosis, learning more about this way of life, and trying to help others going through the same. If you have questions about the diet, or want to discuss any aspect of it, I am here for you.

This is a podcast to educate people on how to do a ketogenic diet, what to eat and what not to eat, so they can lose weight without feeling hungry all the time.

“Keto for Normies” is a podcast aimed at helping people who use the ketogenic diet to lose weight and improve their overall health, and to do this, it is hosted by two people, Chris and Simon. Both Chris and Simon lost 100 pounds after changing their diet to a ketogenic one, and in preparation for this podcast, they put together a list of podcasts they’re familiar with, and we got to pick any of them to do a podcast on. We chose the Keto for Normies podcast, and decided to do an episode on the topic of starting a keto diet for the first time.

This is a keto podcast for regular folks.

Keto is the new fad diet where you eat lots of fat and low amounts of carbohydrate. In our first episode, we will discuss what Keto is and why you want to do it. We will also discuss the best Keto products that we like and what we think about them. We will also discuss the main Keto myths that are being spread around, and why they are not true. We will also cover some of the most interesting Keto facts that you might not know.. Read more about keto central and let us know what you think.

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