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This post is going to make you happy. You will be happy to learn how easy it is to make delicious low carb waffles. The recipe is as easy as it is delicious. Yay!

If you’re reading this, odds are that you’re curious about low carb waffles and what all the fuss is about. You’ve probably discovered a lot of information about them, but there’s a lot that you don’t know. If you’re like me, you want to know what to expect when you’re expecting. You want to know the process behind the process, and you also want to know the answers to some of the questions you have.

Low carb sweeteners, like Stevia, have become incredibly popular over the past few years, but there is still a lot of confusion about what really constitutes a low carb diet, and which sweeteners are best for particular recipes. Case in point, waffles. I still remember the days when waffles were made with white flour and sugar. Now, waffles can be enjoyed as a breakfast treat, a dessert, or even a snack. But, if you want to avoid sugar, what sweetener should you use?

We finally bought my ideal waffle iron, and I’ve developed the ultimate Low-Carb Waffle recipe (especially for you)! When you cook it in a waffle iron, you get double the chocolate and twice the pleasure. We chose to include this waffle iron in our housewarming series since it has been a long time coming. Watch me create these in the video below! 

The Best Waffle Recipe Ever! 

I’ve created numerous waffle recipes since acquiring my waffle iron, from ones I discovered online to my own inventions. This, though, is by far the finest. It’s decadent, with a deep chocolate taste and a waffle texture that’s just right. I’ve tried a few, and they’re either too soft, mushy, or totally dried up. You won’t have a dry mouth after eating these waffles since they don’t need any syrup or butter. They are flavorful and juicy. What more could you want?

These Keto double chocolate low carb waffles are perfect for any meal of the day and are good enough to be eaten plain or topped with your favorite toppings!

Our Favorite Keto Dishes

This low-carb waffle dish is without a doubt one of our favorite keto recipes. It’s a recipe I can eat at any time of day, and it can even be turned into pancakes if you don’t have a waffle iron. Macor Cakes, Coconut Curry Chicken, and Cauliflower Mac & Cheese are a few of our other favorite keto dishes. If those three don’t appeal to your palate, visit Ketoconnect.net to sample some of our other delectable keto recipes!

These Keto double chocolate low carb waffles are perfect for any meal of the day and are good enough to be eaten plain or topped with your favorite toppings!

Waffles with Low Carbohydrates

You can turn this batter into a wonderful, chocolate-y breakfast, lunch, or supper whether or not you have a waffle iron! You can simply create pancakes with the batter, so you’ll never be hungry.

The Oster 2000 waffle iron that we use and highly suggest is extremely simple to operate, even for a novice like myself! You may also create savory waffles, such as the zucchini cheddar waffles featured in our cookbook. Next time you want a guilt-free, delicious keto dinner, make these low carb waffles or pancakes!

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Try our Cauliflower Waffles and Protein Waffles!

These Keto double chocolate low carb waffles are perfect for any meal of the day and are good enough to be eaten plain or topped with your favorite toppings!

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There are some days that all you want to do is pre-plan your day, but then others where you get stuck in a funk and just want to be left alone. Low Carb Waffles | Double Chocolate! is a blog that I have been meaning to start for a while now, since I love the breakfast dish that I make below.. Read more about keto dessert waffles and let us know what you think.

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