Low Carb Mini Cheesecake Bites | Fourth Of July!

All you need for this recipe is four ingredients, and the most important of those is the crust because it sets up the base of the cheesecake. I find that the crust holds up to the filling and holds it together. This is why I like to make the crust ahead of time to let it cool so it’s easy to work with.

We are here at the Fourth of July, and we’re celebrating with Low Carb Mini Cheesecake Bites! These cheesecake bites are made with a creamy low carb cheesecake batter, super easy to make low carb cheesecake bites that taste just like the real thing. Buttery, flaky, and full of cheesecake flavor, they’re the perfect keto dessert to celebrate the holiday.

Looking for a great Fourth Of July dessert with a low carb twist? These mini cheesecake bites will be perfect for your holiday bash! Unbaked, they are just like the traditional version, but baked for five minutes in a mini muffin cup, then they are ready to serve! Take a bite and imagine the taste of summer in a mini bite!. Read more about low carb cheesecake bites and let us know what you think.

With the Fourth of July approaching, we’ve created the ideal treat for you: Mini Low-Carb Cheesecake Bites. Stop stressing about what to bring to the party and start planning how to create an easy dessert dish that will wow your guests! The thick and creamy, multicolored cheesecake topping pairs well with the solid chocolate crust. Watch me make it in the video below!


This Fourth of July impress your friends and family with these low carb, keto, and festive, mini cheesecake bites!

Chocolate Crust Cheesecake is a simple cheesecake with a chocolate crust.

My favorite part is the chocolate crust. It was Matt’s suggestion, and at first I felt it would ruin the appearance of the cheesecake pieces. Brown is my favorite hue, although it isn’t very festive and clashes with red and blue. It does, however, taste fantastic! A delicious, creamy chocolate crust over a rich cream cheese and sour cream filling is a marriage made in heaven. I’m not kidding! I honestly wouldn’t choose a crust that wasn’t chocolate. Believe me when I say that your friends and family will adore it.


Low Carb Mini Cheesecake Bites

We have a bit of a thing with bite-sized cheesecakes, which is why we offer three additional cheesecake recipes! If you prefer a no-bake cheesecake, try our Cashew Cheesecake or Chocolate Cheesecake. If you believe a pumpkin dish would be suitable to bring to a Fourth of July celebration, try our Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes! Now that I’ve persuaded you to try all of my previous cheesecakes, I should warn you that these Fourth of July tiny cheesecake bites aren’t the way to go this year!


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These Low Carb Mini Cheesecake Bites are a fabulous patriotic treat you can make for your Fourth Of July party or get-together. Not only are they delicious, but they are also so quick and easy to prepare. Plus, they are full of healthy ingredients to keep you feeling and looking your best.. Read more about keto fourth of july dessert and let us know what you think.

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