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Despite our best intentions, we often end up eating more than we should, and that can lead to weight gain. In his book The Obesity Code: Unlocking The Secrets of Weight Loss, Discovery Health’s Dr. Jason Fung shows how to lose weight. First, he takes you through a tool called the “Fung Score,” which gives you an idea of just how much weight you’re likely to gain.

In today’s podcast, Dr. Fung talks about why carbohydrate restriction is so essential for weight loss, and the risks associated with carbohydrates.

This week, I interview Dr. Jason Fung — a doctor of Oriental medicine and a world-renowned expert on the treatment of obesity. He has a fascinating and troubling story to tell, and his advice on weight loss and health may surprise you.. Read more about free podcasts and let us know what you think.

Dr. Jason Fung is credited with being one of the first to utilize fasting as a medical intervention for weight reduction and diabetes control. But, before he could comprehend the therapeutic function of fasting, he needed to know what was causing these problems in the first place. He came to the conclusion that there was too much insulin in his system.

Dr. Fung applies the same approach to cancer in his new book, The Cancer Code. He needed to know what cancer was and what its underlying causes were before he could figure out the best approach to treat and prevent it. His work explores the evolution of medical knowledge and treatment of cancer throughout history.

Dr. Fung’s research is assisting us in better understanding what we can do to better prevent and cure cancer.

Dr. Fung has high expectations for cancer therapy in the future, and I hope you do too now that you’ve heard his views!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Dr. Bret Sher, FACC

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00:00 Inauguration Dr. Jason Fung, please join us at 3:10 p.m. 03:44 What is the point of focusing on cancer? 07:59 Myths about cancer and how to treat it 12:26 The Human Genome Project 17:55 Cancer Research Advances in the Last Ten Years 22:43 From Jason’s book, the seed and soil idea 29:42 Medical community resistance to this new cancer paradigm Fasting as a cancer therapy (40:38) Fasting vs. other stress-relieving techniques (44:42) 52:33 Fasting to improve your health 57:39 New optimism for cancer therapies in the future 1:06:40 What is the location of Dr. Jason Fung? Fung, Jason.

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In December 2020, a virtual podcast was produced, and it was released in January 2021. Dr. Bret Sher is the host. Hari Dewang is the producer.

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This week on the show, Dr. Jason Fung talks about why you should be eating carbs, how to use intermittent fasting to lose weight, how to eat at night, and why sweet potatoes are the greatest food on the planet.. Read more about free popular podcasts and let us know what you think.

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