Thai Traditional Monkfish Curry

Monkfish is a great fish to cook with, as it’s meaty, has a mild flavor, and is very low in fat. It’s easy to work with, and because it’s firm and meaty, it’s excellent for poaching and stews. So why not try making Thai monkfish curry? It’s a traditional Thai dish, originally from the southern regions but now enjoyed throughout the country.

Monkfish is a delicate fish that must be handled with care. If not properly cleaned and cured, it will go bad just a few hours after being caught. To ensure that the monkfish is fresh and safe for consumption, it is first cleaned in the kitchen by removing the head and gills, and then is cured in a mixture of sugar and salt. When the fish is ready to be eaten, it is ready to be served.

One of the most popular dishes in Thai cuisine, Thai Traditional Monkfish Curry is commonly eaten as a meal or as a starter to share among friends. The curry is rich in flavor and is quite spicy. It is loved by many.

Thai Traditional Monkfish Curry

Let’s try some Thai Traditional Monkfish Curry together; it’s really tasty. A fragrant, comforting, and delectable curry-tinged soup that goes well with rice. Heat may be adjusted by adjusting the curry paste. Curry paste is sold in jars at Asian markets and the foreign section of most supermarkets.


1 spoonful of peanut butter    
1/2 coarsely chopped sweet onion    
1 chopped red bell pepper    
3 tablespoons curry paste (Thai red)    
1 coconut milk can (570 gram or 14 ounces)    
Monkfish, sliced into cubes, 12 ounces (570 gram)    
1 teaspoon of soy sauce    
lime juice (about 2 tbsp.)    
2 teaspoons chopped cilantro    

Thai Traditional Monkfish Curry Instructions

  1. In a large sauce pan over medium heat, heat the peanut oil.
  2. Cook, stirring often, until the onion is cooked and transparent, 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. Cook for another 3 to 5 minutes, or until red bell pepper has softened.
  4. Cook for 1 minute after adding the curry paste. Slowly pour in the coconut milk and bring to a moderate simmer.
  5. When the coconut milk starts to boil, add the cubed monkfish and cook for 7 to 10 minutes, or until the fish is firm and opaque in the middle.
  6. Before serving, mix in the fish sauce, lime juice, and cilantro.

Enjoy it



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daily value in percent

15.2g (6% of total carbohydrate)

Cholesterol 25mg 8% Cholesterol 25mg 8% Cholesterol 25mg

Total Fat: 44 g (56 %)

Saturated Fat: 20.2 g (101%)

6.7 grams of dietary fiber (24%)

18.4 g protein (37% protein)

Sodium (2327mg) is 101 percent sodium.

9 percent sugars 4.7 g

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Popular throughout Southeast Asia, monkfish is a type of flatfish that is usually prepared in curry dishes. The fish is known as Bocaccio in Italy and monkfish is a popular ingredient in the cuisines of Vietnam, Thailand, Malay, Philippines, as well as East and South China. The most common way to cook monkfish is by braising it in a curry. For this recipe, the monkfish is first filleted and then sautéed in a garlic and chili paste before being marinated in a Thai curry paste. The monkfish is then fried in vegetable oil before being served over rice.. Read more about creamy monkfish curry and let us know what you think.

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