Ketone Ester: What Are They, And Do They Work?

The latest and greatest weight loss product out there is Ketone Ester . It is a supplement that makes your body produce more ketones – which are also known as ketone bodies. Ketones are produced in the liver when it breaks down fatty acids. If your body is producing less than enough ketones , you could be paying a lot of money for a supplement that does not work. Or, you could save a lot of money and try a supplement that does!

Keto dieting has been gaining popularity for years now, especially in the fitness industry. While there are many different types of keto diet methods, such as the low carb or paleo diet, most people opt for a more simple approach: the ketogenic diet.

Ketone Ester is a brand new type of supplement that is completely different than the drinks and drinks that are currently popular today. It was recently designed by a man who was a doctor in a past life, and he used his knowledge to design a product that is going to work for a lot of different types of people. This product is a drink mix that is going to help a lot of people lose weight, help keep their body from aging, and help keep their body from getting dehydrated.. Read more about what are ketone esters and let us know what you think.

It’s a thrilling day in the home! The first commercially accessible ketone ester has finally arrived! KetoneAid is the only business presently producing this product, and they were kind enough to give us a sample to test. We’ve tried most of the exogenous ketone pills on the market and were underwhelmed, but this is a different story.


Salts vs. Esters: Exogenous Ketones

It’s a night and day change. The effect of supplementing with existing BHB Salts on the market is minimal. Occasionally, I will feel nothing, but at other times, I may notice a slight increase in energy and concentration. This, it turns out, is due to the low dosage that all BHB Salts provide. Because the ketones are bound to a salt such as sodium, potassium, or magnesium, there is a limit to how much you can ingest at one time. On the other hand, ketone esters have no limits. You may eat exponentially more at one time, resulting in a significant boost in benefits. The improvement is astounding, and it has totally changed my mind on supplementing ketones and the ketone supplement market’s future.


Yes…That It’s Bad in Taste!

While the flavor has improved somewhat from the first generation of these ketone esters, it is still very bad. With a touch of lemon, I’d characterize it as a cross between rubbing alcohol and what I think toilet cleaning would taste like. I’m certain that this will improve with time, and although it’s bad, I don’t believe it makes the supplement prohibitively expensive. It’s simple to rationalize a few minutes of pain in exchange for hours of improved productivity.



We kept a close eye on our ketone and glucose levels.

After finishing our beverages, we began measuring our blood ketone and glucose levels at regular intervals. Megha and I both took a 25ml portion, and I took a 45ml portion. Here are the results (with my numbers on the left and Megha’s on the right):

0 Minutes

To fully feel the benefits of the ketone ester, we were told to start with a blood ketone measurement of less than 1.0 mmol/L. The results will be less apparent if you start the test in a profound state of ketosis. We did as instructed and began the test with a very low reading!



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Time: 15 minutes

This worked in a flash! By “worked,” I don’t simply mean that our ketone levels increased. After consuming the ketone ester, we saw a boost in energy, concentration, and improved mood in less than 5 minutes. To be honest, I was expecting to take the ketone ester and have no idea whether it was working. The ketone ester’s rapid and dramatic effects are obvious.

Thirty minutes

We were bursting with enthusiasm at the 30 minute mark and all we wanted to do was sit down at our laptops and get some work done. Unfortunately, the frequent interruptions made it impossible to measure our ketone levels. The ketone ester’s effects became stronger, with some mild anxiousness being apparent. It seemed like I had had a couple too many cups of coffee, yet the concentration was simple to direct towards a job. It was almost as if our eyesight had constricted and we were completely concentrated on whatever job we were working on at the time. My highest ketone measurement would be 5.0.

Physical Capabilities

We conducted a quick physical examination to determine whether the physical advantages were obvious to us. We did one set of max rep push-ups the day before taking the ester and compared it to another set 45 minutes later. The findings did not show a significant improvement in performance, although this study was clearly restricted.

  • Matt’s prior day’s high score was 28 push-ups.
  • Matt – 30 push-ups with ketone ester
  • Megha’s prior day’s maximum effort was 15 push-ups.
  • 14 push-ups for Megha with ketone ester

Time limit: 60 minutes

Megha’s ketone level had reached its highest point. 4.3! That’s correct, in 60 minutes, she moved from a 0.6 to a 4.3. It was fascinating to see how my body responded to such high readings, having never come near to them previously. I’ve always believed that having more ketones doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthier, but feeling like Superman with a 5.0 reading has me reconsidering that belief.

Time limit: 120 minutes

It was fascinating to see how our ketone readings differed. Megha seemed to achieve her high of slightly over 4.0 mmol/L and remain there for a long time, while I peaked considerably faster and fell down much faster. While the statistics are interesting to track, it’s the tangible advantages we saw that make me optimistic about the future of these supplements. We’ll go through them at the end of this article. This was the day’s final reading.

Conclusion and Implications

My opinion regarding this ketone ester and the future of ketone ester supplements could not be more favorable. I’m really interested in what’s going on in this area. With so many supplements on the market that are either total snake oil or have minimal effects yet are promoted as a miracle pill, this ketone ester is really unique. No supplement I’ve ever taken that isn’t a recreational or prescription medication has had such a significant impact on my productivity, concentration, mental clarity, or general mood. I’m sure that this is the supplement industry’s next big thing. If you ever get the opportunity, I strongly advise you to try this ketone ester from KetoneAid.

Ketone Ester is a drug that promises to help you lose weight and increase energy level all in one capsule. It contains a hydroxy acid made from sugar – a product named – Beta-hydroxybutyrate – BHB – and a ketone – acetoacetate – but little is known about this substance. Therefore, we have come up with a post on Ketone Ester, so you know what it is and whether it works. Read more about ketone esters weight loss and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ketone ester do?

Ketone esters are a type of ketone supplement that can be used to help with weight loss, improve athletic performance, and increase energy levels.

Does Pruvit work?

Yes, Pruvit works.

Why are ketone esters so expensive?

Ketone esters are expensive because they are a natural product that is extracted from the urine of animals.

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